Cover your windows! Cover your windows!

OK, on my list of easiest, "thriftiest" ways to decorate your home...window treatments are WAY up there. Problem is, most of the s...

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11:19 AM

More examples of my obsession More examples of my obsession

So now that I've explained how to add molding to your home, I thought I would share more ways I think it has transformed our house. Our ...

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12:08 PM

Beware of shopping buddies Beware of shopping buddies

One sure-fire way to NOT be a "thrifty decor chick" is to shop with your friends. What is it? The peer pressure, of "Ohhhh, j...

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7:33 PM

Do they have a support group for me? Do they have a support group for me?

I am obsessed with molding in our home. I mean, seriously. Obsessed. I can't even remember the first project I did with it, all I know i...

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10:47 AM

Laminate is indestructible. Laminate is indestructible.

This project is a PERFECT example of the need for patience when working on projects in your home. This is something I have very little of wh...

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6:32 PM

Where do I begin? Where do I begin?

I really can't quite believe I'm actually starting a blog!! Before two years ago, I had no clue what chat boards were, what "po...

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5:47 PM

Advertise on TDC and reach thousands of readers a day!  Thrifty Decor Chick was created in May of 2008, and in the fall of that year starte...

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