Get creative with lighting! Get creative with lighting!

I'm back among the living! Yay! Thanks for being patient with me. :) Anyway, I find an often overlooked aspect of decorating is how we u...

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8:03 PM

Being sick SUCKS. Being sick SUCKS.

Hello all!! I was sick as a DOG last week, sorry I haven't been able to post! I swear I will get on in the next day or two. Thanks for b...

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7:36 PM

Customize your lamps! Customize your lamps!

One of my favorite ways to make what I already have work in a space is to make changes to a lamp. This is such an easy (and CHEAP!) way to m...

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7:26 PM

These are a few of my favorite stores... These are a few of my favorite stores...

I wouldn't feel right not sharing where to get the BEST finds. There are a few places I frequent all the time that I thought I would sha...

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6:39 PM

No. 1 bang for the buck. No. 1 bang for the buck.

I'm going backwards here, aren't I? OK, you all know how I looooove my molding and then of course, there's the drapes. But the n...

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6:18 PM