Year in review Year in review

Well chickees...this is my 99th post! Holy crap, I'm not kidding. Interesting, because I started this blog in May, and only had about 20...

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11:00 AM

Cheap gift tags (FREE!) Cheap gift tags (FREE!)

First of all, thanks for your kind words about my last post. I appreciate hearing from all of you and to know I'm not the only one who f...

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6:10 PM

Are you ever waiting? Are you ever waiting?

For the other "shoe" to drop? I can't tell you how many times a week I have this exact thought in my head. Tonight I thought i...

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8:04 PM

The Aftermath The Aftermath

First of all, YES! the tree is still standing!! Yahoo!! I usually leave it up through New Year's but wanted to take it down early this y...

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8:18 PM

The tree that would not STAND UP. The tree that would not STAND UP.

I figured you wouldn't believe it if I didn't show you... Notice anything different?? No?? How about now?: No, I'm not kidding, ...

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6:25 PM

Make your home glow with Christmas Make your home glow with Christmas

I'm running out of time to show you some fun stuff, so this post will be a slew of pictures, bam, bam BAM!!! Ahhhhh!! First of all, I ha...

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5:59 PM