Weekend in the woods Weekend in the woods

Hello and welcome to a new week! Hope you had a lovely weekend! I didn’t get anything done and it. was. awesome. No projects, no cleaning, n...

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7:47 AM

Franklin, TN Franklin, TN

Hey y’all. I’m talking about the south today so I can say y’all, right? I always want to spell it “ya’ll” by the way – must be the northerne...

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7:55 AM

Metallic fall art Metallic fall art

Hello all! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my fall mantel and to everyone who linked up theirs! As of right now there are abo...

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7:13 AM

Fall mantel (and a party!) Fall mantel (and a party!)

Well, it’s here and I’m happy. I absolutely, positively LOVE this time of year. Just…I can’t even. It’s awesome. :) To celebrate this b...

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7:31 AM

Hiding the cords! (Ick) Hiding the cords! (Ick)

Hello all! How was your weekend? I was out of town all weekend in Nashville and I’ll probably share some pictures from that later this week....

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8:08 AM