What I would do differently What I would do differently

Hello! First of all, I know some of you are having issues getting emails with posts from blogger’s feeds lately. From what I’ve read it’s an...

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9:15 AM

Living room refresh Living room refresh

Good Monday to you! Hope you had a great weekend! I’ve mentioned before that I LOVE when I get to move furniture around…because I never m...

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8:32 AM

Checking out Laura and Erin! Checking out Laura and Erin!

Hello everybody! It’s a dark, rainy morning here and I’m loving it! I love (occasional) days like this – it’s so dark and cozy in the house....

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6:48 AM

Spray paint blues Spray paint blues

Hey hey! I have a little taste test for you today! OK, not taste – don’t eat the spray paint. But a comparison of sorts. I told you about th...

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7:52 AM

Building a house Building a house

Hey all! It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood – hope your weather is finally coming around too! Lately I’ve been talking a bit about a...

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9:00 AM

Desk do over Desk do over

Hello all! Hope your weekend and holiday was wonderful! Our Easter ended up being a lot more low key than we planned and it was great! My bo...

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8:00 AM