Knock off wood art, take 2 Knock off wood art, take 2

Hello there! First of all, thank you all for the suggestions on the kitchen post last week – I’m still reading through all of them but have...

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9:41 AM

Family getaway Family getaway

Hello my friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend! We were away with family this weekend and it was wonderful. One weekend a year my entir...

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8:27 AM

Kitchen table: to move or not to? Kitchen table: to move or not to?

Hello and happy Friday to you! Ya-yah. I need your help today! I mentioned earlier this week that I was able to start rearranging the fur...

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5:15 AM

Family room – almost there! Family room – almost there!

Well hey there! We’re heading into week four of our family room renovation and I wanted to give you my weekly update. First of all – the who...

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6:39 AM

Wood planked coffee table Wood planked coffee table

Hey hey all! It’s about time to get some DIY going up in here! With the family room under construction, our blogging conference a couple wee...

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9:01 AM