With some patience and $10. With some patience and $10.

So I did it the right way this time! We have an armoire that I have loathed forever...I almost dragged it out to the garage sale this year j...

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8:30 AM

Update on the kitchen! Update on the kitchen!

So I realized I never updated the progress from my island debacle in the kitchen. (My first post.) Turns out, it's held up really well (...

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7:54 PM

I can't cope. I can't cope.

That would be crown molding. I can't cope crown molding. I swear to you, I'd have that stuff around every room in our house, includi...

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6:50 PM

Don't go all the way. (Snicker.) Don't go all the way. (Snicker.)

Couldn't resist. ;) Recently, three friends of mine have mentioned redoing their children's bathrooms. (FUN!) When it comes to decor...

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7:31 PM

DIY no sew roman shades DIY no sew roman shades

When I say this stuff is easy, I mean it. And this time I REALLY mean it! One of my favorite projects is our faux roman shade window treatme...

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7:03 PM

This stuff is just plain FUN. This stuff is just plain FUN.

I am looooooving the wall words that are out right now -- I found out about them when a friend started selling one version of these, from Up...

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8:06 PM