My favorite new gadget My favorite new gadget

Hello all! How is your week going? It’s been a slow one for me…it feels like molasses or something. I’m continuing on Decrapification 2013 (...

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8:44 AM

My kind of plant My kind of plant

Hey all! How are ya? I feel like poo today, and the weather matches – cold, rainy, icy. Poo. Remember when I blogged about that fun vintag...

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9:15 AM

Threshold in the foyer Threshold in the foyer

Well hello all! Hope your weekend was lovely!! I’m pleased to say the basement storage room is organized and CLEAN and there is no sign of...

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7:54 AM

Do-It-Herself Workshop (and giveaway!) Do-It-Herself Workshop (and giveaway!)

Hey all! I am so glad it’s Friday!! We had some ice accumulation here last night and I was hoping for a snow day for the kiddo, but we made...

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9:09 AM