And three were under TWO BUCKS!!
Awwwww yeah...
And yes, some involved spray paint, of course.

Remember the little tool box from the previous post? I got it for $3.99 at Goodwill and about peed. my. pants. when I saw it. I have been looking for one forever! (OK, just a few weeks, but...whatever.)
I printed out my stencil:
After I spray painted the whole thing brown, I added the stencil to the front:
(The blurriness is me, not the stencil.)
Then took another trip to Goodwill (good thing there are three within 1.5 mile radius of our house, right??) and found five little glass cups that fit in perfect:

Totally and completely adorable, no?? I still have to find more art supplies that are scattered throughout the house, but I absolutely positively adore it:
Total cost was $4 for the box and $2.50 for the cups. Uhhh...wait...that's more than $5. OK, well...whatever.
The next two involved the following:

Basically 60 cents of paper, $1 wood tags and $1.50 knob from Hob Lob -- almost all half off!

I got this little container from my sweet stepmom last Christmas, (hello LA!) and loved it, but have been staring at it in my son's toy room thinking I needed to jazz it up with some ca-uteness:
Spray adhesive, scrapbook paper, spray paint and a knob later:
He loves it! I love it! Ahhh! Feel the love!!
More scrapbook paper and spray adhesive on the wood tags for this one. Add in some fun scissors (1.99 at Hob Lob -- I have a few and love them!), $1 ribbon, the printer and you get this:
(Again...blurriness is me. I swear I wasn't drunk.)
I drilled holes, ran the ribbon through and tied them to the baskets:
This box was a $1.99 Goodwill find. It's the perfect size for the itty bitty teeny tiny toys little boys love:
Adorable!! Less than $2 bucks for all four people!
And for my final trick of the evening, I give you 60 cent wood cuties you can find at any craft store:

Hot glued magnets to the back and you get new magnets for the Bub:

I did all of these in just a couple hours and they were F.U.N. I've got a couple more little projects to do to the toy room and then I can't wait to show you!

The Spray Paint Party has seriously been the most fun I've had! Keep linking below ladies!!


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