Well, I am completely humbled by all your sweet comments on my laundry room. You all know how to make a girl feel good about herself, really. :) I am SO thrilled when I hear that I have inspired you. That is what I'm here for and why I started this blog!!

Also, so glad you like the new background. Dunce that I am, I finally figured out how to change it! And the little ghosts and bat (aren't they freakin' cauuuute??) are from http://www.pyzam.com/. It's super easy to install them. (Thanks Jen!!) My son loves them too and is on my lap begging for them right now!! :)

I must say I am humbled by the poll I posted as well -- almost 60 percent of you said you would spend a lot less on the holidays this year. I guess I was expecting it, with the times we are in, but it was a good reminder. So I will do my best to try to include some thrifty gift ideas as well as decorating ideas for the season, of course!

Quick question -- anyone know why my pictures won't enlarge when they are clicked? I love being able to enlarge pics on blogs and haven't figured out how to do that on mine. Any suggestions are appreciated!!

Finally, I am thrilled to announce that I have been asked to contribute to the Blissfully Domestic Web site, under the Creative Bliss section. I am SO excited and honored to be involved with this great site. It's funny how things come full circle -- I have my bachelor's and (research paper short of) my master's in journalism/public relations. I've always been a writer at heart. So between this new gig and this blog, I am so happy I get to combine my two loves -- decorating and writing. I will let you know when I post my first article. (Should be sometime this week.)

Thanks again ladies! I'll be back soon with another drapery redo! Stay tuned!


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