Just wanted to leave a quick note tonight -- would love some thoughts and prayers for our sweet Boy. Nothing too serious, but he's in a whole lot of pain. We were with family tonight...kids were playing...long story short...our Bub got checked big time by a much older kiddo (by accident of course).

We soon realized it was serious, went to the ER and he has a fractured clavicle bone. Should heal in one to two weeks, but he is in a serious amount of pain. Our tough guy has never cried in his life like he has tonight. Momma and Dadda have cried a bit too...as you all know, it's so hard to see your baby (no matter the age) in that kind of pain.

Just wanted to let you all know in case I'm not able to post much this week. I hope that he'll be on the upswing soon, but there's no telling how he'll feel in the next few days. Take care all!!


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