Sooooo have you been decluttering?? Organizing? Cleaning?
Huh? Have you?
I have! I have! Whoooeee I love it! I wish they could make a pill that makes me feel like I do when I've filled numerous trash bags full of CRAP and removed them from our house.
Luuuuv it!
I'm completely done with two rooms, about halfway done with about six. (The whole room by room thing is thrown out the window this year -- I have decluttering ADD.) In honor of our bedroom being completely clean and decluttered, I have done something shocking. You won't believe it.
I've made the bed two days in a row.
Shut up, I know!
I love our bedroom, and now that's is sparkling clean, I wanted to show it to you again. Those of you who have been with me or have looked back have already seen it here. I haven't changed anything in here, so you all can go ahead and take a nap right now...I even took new pictures. Duh. Why?
Anyway, here it is...with more details. I redid the room for less than $350.
The bedding was $25 plus shipping. I swear. For the duvet, two king shams and two throw pillows:
Many of you have asked where I got it, so I dug up the ebay seller for you -- kbmill2 (company is called Beyond Bedding.) I watched the auction for a while, and realized the seller would lower the price at the end of the auction, hence the $25. Score! Instead of a bed skirt, I used a fitted sheet.
Our favorite part of the room is our fireplace. I wish I could find the before picture. Just imagine coral/peachy big tiles. Just imagine gross. I found the mosaic tiles and realized I wouldn't need much of them since the 12 x 12 tiles could be cut up -- so we ended up only needing eight or nine of the mosaics and the slate hearth was only $24 (less than $2 each tile):
Wait! I found the before! Notice that I had only painted two walls in this room -- the fireplace wall and the striped wall behind the bed. I finished the painting job for free -- the paint was waiting on me in the garage for a couple years:

I know I keep saying it, but I swear I'll show you how I made the artwork soon:

Shield your eyes from the brass!!!
I love the colors in the tiles. So pretty, so neutral, so me:

I made the drapes forever ago, back when the room was more purpley. (The before is below.) I was going to redo them, but turns out I love the purple with the green walls. So they stay:

That little chair was $15 at a garage sale. I drove past it about five times before I bought it. It's temporary but I love that little thing:
I showed you this beauty before. It was all country-fied, so I painted it black and added some stencils:
Still not sure I'm loving the top of it, but it's been this way for five months, so I guess it's staying:
The mirror was a $10 find at a garage sale. The lamp was a steal at Hob Lob. Everything else I repurposed and moved around to new spots:

Here's the only before I can find. Drapes hung too low. White walls. Monstrous lampshades. I loved the bedding but it was SO dark and it was impossible to match -- finding purple bedding is enough to drive a woman crazy. Imagine the country-fied armoire right next to the fireplace (bad cable box placement!), and there you have it: And my favorite parts that I could have easily hid from you, but ya'll are my buds. Magazines and old books raise stuff up:
Isn't it LOVELY how NO bedding is made to fit all the way down on the sides (at least for a king-sized bed)? Add a featherbed to the top and there's no hope. Oh, and my GORG step stool. I started using it when I was preggo and can't live without it now. That bed is about 15 feet off the floor, I swear:

What bedroom decor is complete without an oxygen machine? My hubby had sleep apnea, so this bugger SAVED OUR MARRIAGE. (Ugly machine = no snoring.) Now he doesn't really need it but I can't part with it. It makes the best white noise and I have to have on at night:
Notice anything wrong with this bed? Like, oh, I dunno, two five inch deep ruts on each side??? Yeeeeeah. I swear we are not 500 pounds each.

Argh! My nemesis! CORDS!! I try to hide them but hubby has so many dang things to plug in, I don't even know what they all are! Gah, I can't stand these things.

That's it! Basically, the same post as before. :) But I keep falling in love with our rooms all over again when they are free of clutter and CLEAN. I had to share!

Get to throwing that crap OUT!


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