So you thought I had forgotten to harass you about decluttering and organizing, eh?? Ohhh, you are soooo not getting off that easy. I am the Jillian Michaels of decluttering:
My body looks exactly like hers too. (Cough.) There are a bunch of you who saw my title and her picture on your blogroll and came over just to see what the heck I'm doing, huh??

Anyhoo, nice try ladies!! I'm not done with you yet! I am determined to show you how decluttering and organizing can change your life. I wish I could express how much easier it makes our lives to have a place for everything.

Most people have fairly clean houses and closets that are a mess. I'm the opposite. Our house is rarely a total mess, but I can live with toys scattered throughout for two or three days. Then I start to twitch a little and have to clean.

One thing I cannot handle is messy closets. I'm a freak I tell you!! Warning: You will either hate me after the following pictures or be so incredibly bored you will drift off into a deep sleep...

We have a linen closet in our loft that used to just have towels and sheets in it. Then I realized we really didn't need 30 towels and 12 sets of sheets. I got rid of most of them and ended up with a ton of extra space:
Now I store cleaning supplies just for upstairs and have turned this into a game closet as well.

I hang stuff in the little corners of closets all the time: If they had a support group for Labelers Anonymous, I'd be the first member:

You can see what's in the bin, but I have to label it. Just in case Hubby gets in a tizzy and decides to clean the whole house -- he'll know where everything is. (Snort.)

Our downstairs linen closet is where I keep the majority of our cleaning supplies. Anyone else have WAY too much cleaning stuff? I'm using up everything and hope to just have a couple cleaners for each floor when done:

I keep an empty bin in this closet for kitchen towels/Bub socks that I don't know what to do with. It's nice to have a "laundry bin" for random stuff downstairs.

Our coat closet still has about 15 jackets we have never worn but at least it's organized. I use a shoe sorter for winter stuff above:

My favorite closet (YES I have a favorite. Shut it.) is our master linen closet. You'll see I'm a complete freak and needed the bins to all match:I can't tell you how nice it is to know exactly where to look for something. Freakin' fantastic!!

You want to see under my sink in our bathroom?:
Hate me. I don't have to put anything under here because everything has a spot in the closet.

Really, don't hate me. You too can have beautiful closets. I swear it!! Get rid of all that crap!!

OK, you other half, wake up now! It's time to announce the winner of Laryssa's giveaway! Random. org picked Sarah from At Home With the Hinsons. Congrats Sarah! E-mail me and I'll get you in touch with Laryssa!

P.S. I think I had planned my Goodwill party for today -- I can't remember. Obviously, I suck and don't even have my button yet. I'll be in touch about that one. :)


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