I have been thinking for awhile now that I need to pay it forward a bit more on this little ol' blog. So many of my bloggy friends have highlighted my projects and I think it's about time I start doing the same for others!

I see so many projects out there I am completely inspired by, so I am going to start sharing them with you as well. Without further adue... ado? Adeu? Whatever, here we go...

You HAVE to go check out Censational Girl. She found me a couple weeks ago and her blog is one of my favorites right now. Another sister of mine separated at birth I say...there are so many of you out there. Huh. Anyway...look at the tree she painted in her daughter's room:
AND she made it look easy. Ummm, OK, she clearly rocks. Mine would look like a tree on steroids or something.

Have any of you seen those ceramic lettered balls out there? We carry them at the decor firm I work for and want them SO BAD! I just can't imagine spending so much money on them. Holly over at Homebody Holly shows how to make your own lettered spheres:

I love it!! It's so so so sad that I've been looking for ping pong balls at Goodwill to do this in the cheapest way possible. Sad.

Do you ever see stuff on the side of the street and drive by it 15 times, trying to decide if you're going to look like a lunatic, jumping out of your car and stuffing it in? (I found a beauty a couple weeks ago, but called my sister to go pick it up cause I was "busy" -- I was just making her do my dirty work.) Well, Karla at It's the Little Things That Make a House a Home did the same and turned a headboard into this:

Oh, be still my heart. That is AMAZING. Talk about transformation!

We all know the easiest update for a dresser is new hardware. But take a look at the extra little step the girls at Little Nannygoat took to bling up a dresser:
This is what I love -- finding something you probably already have, changing it up and making a HUGE statement -- for next to nothing!

Finally, Melissa at 320 Sycamore redid her bathroom. You just will not believe the transformation:

I love love LOVE this space. Amazing. Take at look at her latest posts for more details!

There you go! Paying it forward blog-style. I hope you were inspired!

P.S. Yet again, your comments on my last post had me cracking up!! You guys are the best!


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