Squares and stripes Squares and stripes

First of all...bear with me. This is my sister dancing with Donnie. (About 30 seconds in.) Warning: Turn down the volume unless you are a f...

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6:33 PM

It. was. awesome. It. was. awesome.

Oh my goodness people. I cannot even tell you how. much. fun. we had last night. I'm not even kidding. It was the time of my life!!! Fir...

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9:03 AM

Check HER out! Check HER out!

I'm a total slacker. I know I was supposed to blog about my squares and stripes today, but the day got away from me and so did the natur...

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8:18 PM

Free paint?! Free paint?!

Holy crap! If you go to: https://www.glidden.com/promotions/free-paint-giveaway.do Pick a color online or at Home Depot and they will send y...

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2:20 PM

My fruity kitchen. My fruity kitchen.

Our kitchen is ever-changing. I am always tweaking something . I have major Decorating ADD in this room. Issues people. I have noticed latel...

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7:38 PM

Gumball fish tank Gumball fish tank

I saw this project at least a year ago, probably more. I fell. in. love. I knew, one day, it would be mine. Well, Thursday was that day!! I...

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7:47 PM