I do love a garage sale, don't get me wrong. I do. But I find them hard to attend with a two-year-old. He loves to drive by them to look for "choo choos," but can't stand it when I try to run up a driveway real quick. Not a fan. He must see it all first hand.

So obviously, lately it's just not something I do much. Last week, I realized I love Thursday garage sales. First, it's the first day of the sale, and who goes to a sale on Thursday? Uh...no one. Score! Secondly, the Bub goes to daycare on that day, so Momma is free to jump in an out of the car to her heart's content. Double score!!

Last Thursday, I found this cutie little bench for five bucks:
I had been looking for something to fill a spot in our bathroom. It was perfect! (What I love most is it was made by the grandpa at the family garage sale. Hand made. Pitter pat.) At first, I was going to paint the bench out in white, and then cover the seat with foam and fabric. But the more I looked at it, the more I liked it just as it was.

Psych!! Push-sha! Like I could leave well enough alone, seriously. No really, I realized I didn't want to change it up as much as planned. I liked how simple it was and didn't want to mess with that. Then I knew what I wanted to do. I roughed it up a bit more by using a flathead screwdriver and a hammer:

I sanded the whole thing down, then used my walnut stain to deepen it up. Stain is extremely easy to work with -- a foam brush and a rag is all you need. Brush it on, wipe off the excess:
I finished it off with some tung oil and L.O.V.E.D it:
But it still needed something. I got more of my shower curtain fabric and made a little cushion:
I wanted it to look spa-like, but all the sudden it looked Asian spa-like. Nothing against it, it's not our room. So I made some tweaks:Just moving it to the side helped a ton! Then I added some tufting by sewing two buttons on. It was almost there...
I took a wire basket from above the kitchen cabinets and filled it with rolled up towels that were on the tub surround:
Ahhhh...yes! Only fifteen steps later, I got it there! Love it!!!

You think I can sew a cushion? Whateva:
Hot glue baby. Who's gonna know? Uh...don't answer that.
Total price: $5 for the bench, $3 for the fabric and less than a buck for both buttons. (The foam was leftover from another project.)
Awww yeah...


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