Ohhhh...how I can make $1.50 go on and on and on! I picked out a bronze glaze (that cost $1.50 for the bottle) for the hardware on the armoire I repainted a few weeks ago. I loved the way it looked so much, I ended up using all over the place! Here are some examples:

The hardware on the armoire was black, but I needed them to pop off the new black color:

I used stencils I already had, with the glaze, to decorate the armoire doors:

The is the artwork I made for over our master bedroom fireplace. I used the bronze glaze to highlight the texture:

I used another stencil with the glaze to add to the wainscoting in the powder room:

And used the glaze to repaint the textured parts on the powder room walls so they would pop. (I also used the glaze for the mirror!):

There are so many different options available -- tons of different metallic glazes and hundreds of colors at the craft store. I was going for the bronze look and this turned out to be just what I wanted. AND I still have some left. Believe me, I've tried to find more places to use it but I just need to put the bottle AWAY. :)


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