OK, I need to come out of the closet with a few of my confessions when it comes to decorating. Flame me all you want -- BRING IT ON!! Nah, just kidding, it's late, I've had some wine, and I'm just talking smack.

Here we go:

1. Silk flowers/plants: Yessssssssss I have silk flowers and plants in my house. Actually, I think the only silk flowers are out on the front door, but really. I'm OK with them.******* (Notice the asterisks...) That is, as long as they look somewhat, close to, kinda REAL. You all know what I'm talking about -- there is surely a difference. (Imagine Dollar Store florals and Pottery Barn florals-- I'm too tired to dig up pictures.) I really am more on board with the faux greenery, but I have cut down on that quite a bit lately. I only buy what I think looks real and use it sparingly.

2. I'm going to lose some friends here...but...I don't think Candice Olson is the Decorator God: Lord knows she does fantabulous work, and she is FAR superior of a decorator than I could EVER been in my WILDEST dreams and is amazing, no question, no doubt...but. I think if each time she decorated a room and stood back at that final minute and removed 20 percent of the stuff in the room, then I'd bow down to her. Hands down. I love what she does!! I just think it could be simplified a bit. (Like Candice Olson gives a .... anyway!) :)

3. I don't think More is More: I work with some amazing women who can pull a gorgeous display together and it looks SO incredible. They have fabrics draping, layers of items, cascading pieces...you just stand there in awe. I envy their talent and try it on my own...and then it just looks wrong in my home. I have realized I am definitely a less is more kind of gal. I tried to force that on myself and finally understood I'm just not that kind of decorator. Heck, maybe it's just that I'm not good at that kind of decorating...very well could be. And that's OK with me!


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