I hate electrical cords -- hate em!! In my humble opinion, there is nothing worse than seeing a gorgeous room on HGTV, and then seeing nasty, black cords hanging down behind a table or down a wall. It ruins the whole room for me! Harumph!

To prove my hatred, try to find the cords in these pictures:

Yes, I know, you see them plugged into the wall, and believe me, if I could figure out a way to remove the whole stinking plug I would!

One of my favorite handy dandy trinkets is the cord cover, which I've found at home improvement and electronic stores:

These little pieces of bliss are about $5 for four feet and they are so worth it! I put them down chair legs, along baseboards, even down walls (and then paint them the wall color). Looooove them!!

I hate cords so much, I made my own "charging station" in our dresser drawer. It was SO easy -- just drilled a large whole into the back of the dresser and the drawer. Now the cords are hidden behind the dresser but are easily accessible:

And the sky opens up, the angels sing.........

P.S. I guarantee you that I would never notice this in other people's houses -- I swear to you. It's my own little obsession in my own home and I just expect a professionally decorated home on television to take care of that little detail. :)


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