I know many of you are HUGE garage sale fans. I mean, you love garage sales like I love Goodwill. That's BIG people.

And it's spring, so it's about that time. I didn't get into garage sales until the past couple years. I've hosted one for many years, but really realized the joy of a great garage sale find last year.

My $15 chair in our bedroom is one of my favorites. I drove by this sale at least twice before I got out to really look at the chair, then drove by two more times to make sure it was still there. Went home to measure, and went back a third time, praying I would find it. Sad I know, but by then I had fallen in love with it!!:
Another favorite was this scrolly mirror for $10. I couldn't believe the price. It started out a silvery color and I painted it black:
But I think my all time best deal was this cutie in my son's bathroom. I got it for TWO bucks! I covered the front with fabric from a pillow case. I love it!:
Because I know many of you are garage sale freaks, and like me are planning to hit some sales this weekend, I'm excited to introduce you to the site Garagesalestracker.com.

This site is awesome! To find a sale, just put your city or zip code in and it will tell you any in your area. (You determine the mile radius.) I don't know why, but I find this SO much easier than looking through the paper.

You can even search by item to find sales selling what you are looking for. FAB!

If you are hosting a sale, you can list up to two months before the date (compare that to the newspaper!), add images of what you are selling and for a limited time, listing your sale is FREE. Oooeee, I love me some free!!

Go check out their site here. And if you live in Indiana and are having a sale this weekend, list that baby and I'll be stopping by. :)


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