ACK! I've been cleaning like a mad woman! I'm hosting a party just for the girls this weekend and am doing just what I swear I won't do every time we have a party.

Freaking out.

I mean, reeeeeally, my girlfriend's won't notice the dust bunnies in the corners.

I've finished up a few projects over the past couple weeks I thought I would share with you this weekend. First, I got my tulips for this vase:
I love my birdies AnNicole! Now if the cat would just stop eating the flowers, that would be nice:

I recovered the ottoman from this post. Oh, hello loverly fabric:

THANK YOU Heldy for finding it for me!! I heart you! I have plans for the rest of the fabric I'll show you soon.

I found this mirror at Goodwill back before Christmas, and painted it months ago, but didn't know what to do with it. Tonight I grabbed some candles and made a mini-candlescape out of it for the table from my last post:

I love it!

I went ahead and got the white rugs for the bathroom, to match the curtain I showed you in this post. Ohhh, they are soooo soft and fluffy, heaven for our feet! I even put up a pretty towel for you all! But now all I can think of is that the towels don't match the white rugs and curtain.

Good. Lord.
And finally, I couldn't resist hanging another one of my new keys from another lamp. :)
Have a wonderful weekend! I hope your weather is going to be as beautiful as ours!


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