OK, well if it tells you anything, it's midnight and I'm just now posting because I've spent the evening on the deck again. One of my best friends came over tonight to chill outside with us and we ended up spending three hours out there. Ahhhh...heaven.

I wanted to show you some of the details of the transformation so maybe you can grab some of these deals while you can. This is the only good thing about the summer stuff disappearing in July -- clearance baby. Run! Don't walk!!

The first deal was the lights I got for the pergola. They were in the Smith and Hawken section at Target, on clearance for $10 a set:

What kills me is I've had a set of these for years, but took them apart and don't know where I put the lights. (I used the twine balls for filler inside.) Ah well, $10 each isn't too bad.

I hid the extension cords down the columns by spray painting the cords (ummm...is that allowed??) and then using little bits of cord covers I spray painted as well. No one will never notice them:
I have to take care of the little details like this. It will drive. me. mad. otherwise.
The lighting on the table is simple, 50 cent Ball jars from Goodwill, filled with sand:
They had to be Ball jars -- in homage to my alma mater Ball State University! (Double pound to the chest.)
My little jars were in the dollar spot at Target a few months ago. Oh, how I love you dollar spot:
Kisses to you dollar spot. Hugs. Smooches.
The deck box is double the size of our old one and was another Goodwill find for $30. That's a lot for a Goodwill purchase for me, but this would be more than $100 in the stores:
Can I mention how perfectly it matches the brown paint? I mean, it was meant to be folks. I did a little happy dance when I found it. Over a deck box. Issues.

The rug was $13 (I think) at Lowe's -- love it! It was my color inspiration. Just wish it was a tad bit bigger:
The pots I already had and the flowers were clearanced out because they were about to die. (Look for these -- they just need water!) Did you know you can use stain on plastic? You can!:
I stained these years ago to make them a bit deeper and they've held up perfectly. Took about five minutes each.

The new light was from Lowe's and was $22:
These shutters were so easy I promise any of you could make them:
AND unbelievably cheap. I wanted them to match the cottagey shutters we have on the front of the house so they needed to be uber rustic. I found the perfect materials -- fence posts!:
They were something like $1.68 each and were six feet tall, just slightly shorter than what I needed. I used three on each side for the double windows and two on each side for the single window:
I just cut pieces of the posts to the size I needed and measured one foot from the bottom and top:I used liquid nails and a nail gun to attach the slats, but you could use nails and hammer them together. If you make your measurements, Lowe's or Home Depot would make your cuts for you. I love the detail at the top:
The planters were from Goodwill. Surprised? No? They were $2.99 and started out like this:I spray painted them with outdoor paint and they ended up like this:
I don't know if I'll plant anything in them this year or not. I may go ahead and do it because I know flowers will completely finish off the space. Loverly.

I hate when I love Walmart. I really do. I can't stand that place, but always find something I must have. Ugh. These were TEN BUCKS each on clearance:
Can you even believe it??? I'm sure I'll find a great spot for them inside during the winter too. Adorable. For now, I've just put tea lights in them:
Our "summery" pillows were from Wally World as well, for $10:
Just don't go buy any at my Walmart -- I need to go get a couple more. Back off!! Please.

Our tables are really plant stands. I didn't want to spend much and I didn't want them to be huge. These are perfect at $12 each:
I bought the cork thingamabobbers to put inside for a flat surface and they work great! I tied them down to make them a little more sturdy:
And for entertaining outside, you need plastic that looks like glass to drink cool beverages out of. These perfectly ca-uuute glasses were on clearance at Meijer for $1.25 each!:
No evening outside is complete without Summer Beer (at least for me this summer) -- it's soooooo good people! Equal parts Diet Squirt, light beer, tequila and one can limeade or lemonade concentrate. Amazing! I hate anything diet and detest beer, and this is my most favorite drink ever!

Many of you asked about the furniture and the pergola -- the furniture was from Craigslist and the seller got it through Amazon.com I believe. The pergola was from Menard's, but we only found two left and had to call two stores. So if you have one nearby, call NOW!!

Have a great weekend! I'll be back later with a big announcement I can't wait to share with you all! It won't be a big deal to you, but it is to me. And NO, I'm not pregnant! :)


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