This post is about following your dreams. Doing what you love. Being happy every day. And No More Mondays. I love that phrase. I first heard it about a year ago from the evil great financial guru Dave Ramsey. A man named Dan Miller wrote the book with this title, about following your dreams and making your career what you love, not what you love to hate. That way there is no more dread on Sunday night. No more waiting for Friday to arrive. No more Mondays.

For me, it started when I was pregnant a few years ago. Many of you know how getting that news completely changes your focus. All the things you say you'd never do -- you want to do. I always said I would work full time after I had a child, but all the sudden, when it was real, I felt differently. I loved my marketing job so much. I loved the people I worked with. I was just getting bored. When I had started my position was brand new -- and I had built it up and was proud of it, but realized after a few years that it didn't need to be a full time position. So when I found out I was pregnant, I was hoping they would work with me on a part time/work from home plan. We talked for months about it and in the end their response was simple -- NO. I was devastated.

There are usually bigger plans for us that we just aren't aware of. I wasn't aware of mine.
Then our squishy-face-so-cute-I-could-die-I-love-you-more-than-the-moon son arrived. And as we all know, babies change everything. During my leave, I told my husband I wanted to do something different. My heart was calling me to something I really wanted to do -- decorating. I had tried for years to get into the business. I even got my own Web site, made business cards, talked to many interior designers, and it went nowhere. The only response I ever got from the professionals was I had to go back to school for another degree (this time in design) to make my dream a reality. I had just done another few years of masters classes, so there ain't noooooo way I was going back to school folks.

But it was still calling to me -- and I was determined. Right before I went back to work, I made one last ditch effort to make my dream a reality. I e-mailed every. single. person I had known, knew or cared to know and told them my dream. I wanted to decorate. Did they know anyone? Could they help?

Wouldn't you know it. We had a close connection that we didn't even know about. She owned a home decor shop and design firm. I called her that night and fell. in. love. I met with her a week later and she made my dream come true. She hired me on as her assistant to learn the ropes. I did it, I loved it, I thrived on it and I learned a lot. I got my first client just a couple months later.

For more than two years now, I've been working with clients part time, helping them decorate their homes. I have loved it, learned so much and had so much fun. It has sparked my creativity, made me better, broadened my horizons. But now, something else has been pulling at my heart.

I guess not something. Many things. Many people. YOU. I am so in love with writing this blog, I enjoy it so much I cannot tell you. I have met so many wonderful people, made so many new friends, and been more inspired through you then anywhere else in my life. I LOVE IT.

Lately I've had this urge -- this desire to focus just on this blog and put all of my attention to it and really make it all it can be. So I've decided to do it. For the time being anyway, I'm not doing design work anymore. I'm going where my heart is telling me to go and that's here. I want to put more effort and time into it, I want to inspire you even more.

I am so excited people. I am loopy!! Like, adrenaline rush, excited. YAY!!

So to kick it off, I wanted to share a few of the changes and new things coming soon:

I've been offering these for a while now and will continue to do it. For $10, you send me as many pictures as you want of your space or large project. I'll give you a long list of my suggestions on furniture placement, paint colors, accessory ideas, molding projects, painting furniture, etc. All with your budget in mind. But now, I'm hoping to get new software so I can offer you a little more in the consult -- like using your pictures to show you what I'm talking about. I think this is so exciting, it's just going to be a learning curve for me. I haven't used a design program in forever. Any suggestions? Photoshop? Something different?

Facebook and Twitter: I've been doing both for a while now, but my I've been neglecting my Crackbook page badly, sorry about that. You can find me on Twitter here. I have been loving Twitter like I never thought I would people. I used to make so. much. fun of it. Swear. But in the future, I hope to offer even more updates on both -- while I walk through Goodwill I'll take a picture and share how I'd make it fab. (Many of you say you need help with the creativity part.) If I spot a deal, I tweet about it. It's fun. And on Facebook (search Thrifty Decor Chick), I'm going to start highlighting some of your projects from the Linky parties. I'm giddy at the potential folks, I hope you'll join me.

Blog design: Ummmm...I've been a total slacker on this -- it's been in the works for MONTHS. I'm finally getting serious about it now, and we hope to have it up in the next few weeks. I'm so excited I could pee.

Advertising: As you know, I offer this now, but I've added some options. If you are interested in finding out more about them, let me know. And with the new blog design, your ads will be more prominent than before.

Getting the word out: I need your help you Web gurus -- how do I go to get my blog out there more? Do I need to register it somewhere? What the heck does "feed" mean? What is my url address (I thought it was my Web address)? I'm clueless folks. Do I need to improve my domain or whatever the heck that is? I have no idea what that is. Help. Please.

More projects and more FUN!!: Do you have suggestions? Ideas for parties? What do you think? Tell me!! Fall is going to be here before we know it, so if it's going to be anything like last year, I'll be posting fast and furiously. What do you want to see here? I want to know because I want you to be inspired and entertained. YOU are the reason I'm here.

Thanks for putting up with my excitement folks. I know it's not a big deal to you, but I am so happy with this decision. It didn't come easily and it took weeks to make it happen, but I'm really happy I'm following my heart. I hope I inspire you to do the same -- whether it's in in your home, life or work.

Tomorrow is Monday but won't be for me. Because of you. Sniff.

P.S. Sorry I'm all gushy here but I'm all verklempt. Oh, and can I tell you how much I love you all and how much you all ROCK? Do you know how many e-mails and questions I got about my Summer Beer recipe?? Ummmm...lots. It's 12 ounces light beer, Diet Squirt and tequila and then a concentrate can of limeade or lemonade. That makes plenty. You could also use Sprite or another clear soda I'm sure. It's all good and you all rock. Smooches.


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