Get dirrty. Get dirrty.

Sorry, I couldn't resist channeling Christina for a second. I have so many little projects I have wanted to share with you, but when I a...

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6:30 PM

Got Holes? Got Holes?

I almost titled this post, "The most boring post ever in the history of mankind," or, "Read this to your kids to help them fa...

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6:10 PM

Making your plain books pretty. Making your plain books pretty.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I have gotten a ton done, and hope to still get more done this evening. I've done about ten loads...

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1:43 PM

Clearing out the clutter. Clearing out the clutter.

Every time I've ever started a new job, I've always asked for a week off between the end of the old one and the start of the new one...

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7:47 PM

When FAB happens by accident. (And for FREE.) When FAB happens by accident. (And for FREE.)

So I've never considered myself a dumpster-diver. I mean, I will dig through the Goodwill shelves with the best of them, but trash just ...

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6:04 PM