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I had grand plans to make a fluffy GORG Valentine's wreath this year, but I'm on a self-imposed spending freeze.

Well, let's just say thaw...

I planned on using a ton of red flowers to make a wreath, but when I figured how much I would need, it was getting a little ridiculous. I decided to try rose petals instead. I got teeny tiny pins so I wouldn't burn the tips of my fingers off with the glue gun:

Oh wait. Need these's cold outside and I couldn't resist the chocolate at the checkout lane:

Half an hour and half a bag of Flipz later:

Not exactly what I had planned, but it works. The red looks awesome from the street. I still have half a box of rose petals left, so I may keep adding to fluff it up more.

AND it was CHEAP! So that means it will stay, for now. :)

Have a great weekend and clean out some closets! (I've done three so far. Just sayin'.)


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