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I was SO naive back in the day...before and when I was pregnant, I was one of those who swore that the baby and kid stuff would not take over our house.

Stop laughing. I was serious.

I succeeded for quite a while. Diapers, wipes and blankets were out of sight in my cool chest I showed you. I had a cute little wicker box for all of the baby toys in the office. day I looked around and this had happened:

What the ??? I've since given up, really. I mean, I try, but really. It's just not gonna happen for another 16 years and I've come to terms with that.

But I have found some cute, cheap and efficient ways to at least control the baby and kid stuff. First, in his bathroom, I showed you the cute bins for toiletries. I keep this basket in the shower room for bathing stuff:

This baby was $2 at a garage sale. Awwww yeahhhh! I covered the front panel with fabric from a clearanced PBK pillow case:

I've shown you the toy box in his room, which houses toys that I try to cycle out of the main ones (he doesn't play with these much). I added the letters to the front and the cushion to the top:

Pottery Barn Kids had adorable storage boxes with stars all over them that would have been perfect in his room, but OMG they were like $20 each or something like that. CRAZY. So I got cardboard boxes half off at Joann's and painted them the colors of his room. Then used scrapbooking tags and star brads to label them:

I found the cutest font on the computer and printed them out in blue:

I made four of them and labeled them accordingly. They are still in perfect condition today and all four cost less than $20.

Two girlfriends bought me a bunch of these boxes. One friend had seen the room and knew how perfect they were. One hadn't and just happened to find them and loved them. I use these for sweet little mementos like his hospital bracelet, etc:

I walked by these every time I was at Target for weeks, months...but couldn't bring myself to spend on them even though they were perfect. I registered for them and got them, then they went on clearance and I got more! Awwww yeah...

One dollar bucket from Target for crayons:

Another gift that ended up being perfect. (Is everything in this room "perfect?" Yes, it is.)

And some not so pretty but very functional pieces. I have two of these bins in his closet, this one holds clothes for the next season. The top bin is for summer, the next is fall, the next, a year from now. It has worked out great:

I keep a storage bin in the closet, for clothes that he grows out of. When something doesn't fit, I wash it and stick it in. When it's full, I pull everything out, take out anything I don't want to keep, and then stack the bin in the basement:

Another reason I love the Dymo -- you can make cauuuute labels!
This small bookshelf used to sit next to the changing table with all of the boxes on it, but now that I don't need them out, it sits in the closet for additional storage:

My son's room is easily my favorite room in our house. I'll show you the whole room later, because I'm already planning the big boy room and his precious room will be gone...I have to make the next one as beautiful, but in a big boy way. Is that possible? :)

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