So I realized after Aimee commented on my last title that it sounded like I was gettin' a little frisky with you all...with my "Valentine quickie." I thought I'd keep getting fresh with you with this one too...a little tease:

I swear to you I have died and gone to the Organization Heaven, and that Heaven is called the Dollar Store.

I'm almost done with this project. But I had a margarita with dinner and I'm extra tired tonight -- there ain't no way this girl is staying up till midnight to finish this one. I only have ten more minutes of work to finish up...but the way I roll -- ten minutes will turn into two hours.

So I'm going to bed...but any guesses on this one? (I'm sure the out-of-focus, too close-up, dark picture really helps you out.) I'll post it tomorrow! Good night!


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