Sooo, are you done with your decorations yet? I'm almost there. Today, I swear, I'm done. (I've been saying that for a week now.) I want every single bin and random fluff of greenery back in the basement by midnight tonight.

Then, I can just relax for the next three on some fun Christmas crafts, eat candy cane Hershey kisses by the fireplace with my feet up. Ahhh, bliss.


I still have to:

take our holiday picture
address the cards
mail the cards
finish the advent calendar
wrap a trillion gifts
BUY a trillion gifts
bake a trillion cookies for an exchange
secure babysitters
make gifts
plan the Bub's b-day party
wrap the Bub's gifts
finish the Bub's gifts
throw the Bub's b-day party
take a nap

and THEN I can relax...

Tis the season, right? Do you do what I do every year? You SWEAR you'll be better organized and start earlier and blah blah blah...

Last year we were here over the Thanksgiving week:


(That would be FANTASTIC, beautiful, relaxing, Honolulu. I snorkled here in this bay. DO IT if you ever get the chance.)

When we got back it was a whirlwind to prepare for everything. I SWORE this year I'd be better. Nope. But you know what? I still love it, I still love the season. And when I stop for a second, count to three and breathe, and then look at the tree all lit up, the magic comes back.

Take a second, breathe, and remember the magic.

P.S. I had so much fun with this favorite things thing that I think I'm going to do a Christmas tree party. Sound like fun? It will be super easy, no stress, since many of you have already posted your trees! I'll do it later this week, I'll let you know when.


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