Keep linking here chicks!!

Alrighty, at least two of you evil sweet ladies posted about THESE:

All I have to say is I hold you personally responsible for the FIVE SEVEN pounds I'm going to gain this week from eating these.

And I don't like candy canes. But I. love. these.


Tiny bit of mint, whole lotta chocolate, little bit of crunch = HEAVEN.

I've even been passing them out to random people to share the lusciousness. Sweet right?

But then it hit me. GAH!! What am I doing? I need them all for me, me, ME!!! I went to Target to get more today and they. are. gone. Is everyone in my town reading this blog?? I think not. Give them BACK!

Hubby, they are hidden from you as of tonight.
Sister -- BACK OFF.
Bub, well you don't even eat candy, you're cool.

Ladies who posted these, I will hunt you down and sit on you and you will be sorry (after this week...I need to wait for the extra seven pounds so it really squishes you.)
That is all.

P.S. Just for now that is... I'll be back later tonight with more!


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