I know, I should say inexpensive...not cheap. Cheap sounds so...well...CHEAP.

I have seen SO many creative, inexpensive, beautiful Christmas decorating ideas around blogland recently and just had to share them with you! I love them all!! Go check these ladies out for more info on all of these goodies. (I linked to the post where these can be found.)

Using ribbon to decorate for the holidays from Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful:

And Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista:

Ummm... can you say...EASY. CHEAP. (Sorry.) And FAST??

Christmas Silhouette from Nikki @ Project Domestic Bliss:

Oh how I love Ballard. (Salivate...) This looks amazing and she did it for a fraction of the price of the Ballard version. I dare you to tell which one's which! I'm SO doing this next year.

Gingerbread cookie tray from Debbie @ Ribbonwood Cottage:

You could use a cookie tray you already have for these! Don't have any gingerbread men? Make the gingerbread "cookies" found at Buzzings of a Queen Bee:

All you need is powdered cinnamon, applesauce and glue!

Erin @ Shades of Color had two things I had to show you! These adorable candy canes and swirls she painted herself:

And I adore her ornaments:

I made these too but I think hers are just adorable. You need glass ornaments, and any kind of festive scrapbook paper. She finished them off with rub-ons. Love it!

For cheap artwork Fawn e-mailed me this idea:

She covered canvases with wrapping paper. Brilliant! You could do this with just about ANYTHING -- artwork you already have, frames, etc. I actually have wrapping paper I bought just to do this in my home, but I'm not sure if I'll tackle it this year or not. I have my own spin in mind...we'll see!

Tree skirt from Leigh @ Tales of Bloggeritaville:

Would you believe this is an actual skirt -- a ladies skirt? She went to a thrift store and found it. It's stunning! Speaking of tree skirts...I made my own with fabric from Joann's:

I use a few yards of a red faux silk and then top it with a red organza fabric. I love that it's so fluffy. And I can easily throw it in the wash if needed. Best part -- it's a fraction of the cost of a "real" skirt.

If you have any fun ideas you want me to share, e-mail me!!

I still have so much I want to show you, ACK!! And I know haven't gotten to all of you from the Christmas tree party but I WILL! Pinky swear.


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