Whew, what a weekend! A Disney show, two holiday parties plus a birthday party for a two-year-old that was a hit. Do any of you have children born in December? It's tough...wouldn't change it for the world, but talk about adding one more thing to your list this time of year! Although with each year, I enjoy having the party this time of year more and more.

I know I'm not the only one in blogland hosting a Christmas tree party, but the more the merrier, right? I couldn't resist! So share your tree(s), your ornaments, your themes, whatever!

I have a total of five trees in our house. Before you have a conniption, the extra four aren't nearly as big as the Tree of 08 That Tumbled (I gave it a name) but they are still fun. One is an itty bitty tree in our son's room, another is a kid's tree upstairs for the kid ornaments, one is another itty bitty tree in the kitchen, and the last is our family room tree.

It's my silver and white tree and houses most of the ornaments that hold special memories for us:

These I got our first Christmas together: (Just say it, "Awwwww...")

This one is from the December we got married in New York City. Talk about magical. NYC in December...sigh...

Plus all the pretties. I love every every single ornament on this tree...

This tree is a "thrifty" one. Translation = I was too cheap to buy one tall enough years ago, so I have to prop it up on an ornament box. I cover it with a snow blanket and tulle and make it a little ballerina tree. :) This year, the day after Christmas, my first purchase will be a tall, skinny tree for this spot. I'm on the lookout...
Sooo, now show us your trees! I want to see all the ornaments, the colors, the lights, everything!! Remember -- click on the title of your post, then put that html code into Mr. Linky.

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Oh, Oh! Go over to Julia's for more holiday fun this week!

Ohh...and Kimba is having party too!


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