Isn't that gorg? I used the starburst setting on my camera!

First of all, ya'll are SO sweet! You made me feel so much better, I almost did cry just reading all your comments! :)

So we did the tree back up and I think it looks as good as the first time. It took FOREVER to get all the ornaments, ribbon, beady things, flowers, back is it this time it took longer than the first when only half of them came off? Gah.

I had taken pictures last night of the tree, but couldn't bring myself to post them until it was back up...didn't want to jinx it you know!

But here it is in all it's glory! Hope you enjoy it:

I was laying on the floor enjoying the view!:

This was before, last night:


***Edited with new pic -- Mom Mom (what is your name? I love you, thanks for the idea with the lamp!!) I retook this so the lights turned out better.
Can you tell in the first one that it's leaning ever so much?? Oh yeah, sign of things to come...

Sigh. I do love our tree. Every year, I love it more. My favorite parts are the poinsettia blooms and ribbon. I think they totally finish it off. We always get a real tree for the living room, always ten feet. I just LOVE real trees, even with this year's drama. I have a couple other fake trees around the house that I'll show you soon.

Which do you have, real or faux? Either way, they are magical. Not so magical on the floor, but magical.

P.S. NO the stain is not out. It's bad. And yes, I took pictures. I'm calling Sears tomorrow and I am PRAYING they can get it out. The tree water also left a yucky mark over that whole area, so I'm going to have them work on all of it. Not crying...

P.P.S Oh and you SO KNOW I was on my way down to the basement to get the fishing wire, my drill and the anchors before we realized the base was cracked. I was going to rig that thing to the wall for all it was worth!!


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