Keep linking to the party here ladies! What fun this is! I am loving seeing what you all are loving right now! I've already found about ten things I HAVE TO HAVE and quite a few projects I'm going to try out too. (Sorry about the mess with Mr. Linky. He's on my crap list right now.)

So as I was thinking of more of my favorites right now, my son came to mind. This season has shown me example one million and one of how my son has changed my life for the better...he sees magic in everything right now. Snowmen are awesome. Snow is magical. And Santa is the BOMB. (Da bomb.)

And for that reason, some of my favorites right now are mine only because they are his...I mentioned the 12 foot Santa for the front yard? No I haven't purchased one (yet.) but I am just itchin' to, just because every time we walk into Lowe's, he is. in. heaven. But I have purchased plenty of other items I never would have before. And I LOVE them! This has translated to me spending WAY too much on cute, fun, magical little things that I know he will love for years.

Like a Santa cookie jar. I've never owned a cookie jar in my life. And now, I just had to have it!:

Cute snowmen towels from Target:

Silicone cupcake molds for a DOLLAR each from Target:

We already tried them out tonight for Hubby's birthday. They came out PERFECT! (Love you Lovey!!)

Stuffed Santa: (consignment shop find, brand new, $7 people.) He doesn't put him down:

My countdowns. (Which I will be finishing up tonight...GAH!)

Of course we needed a The Night Before Christmas book, it's beautiful. And I wanted to get him the Rudolph movie and of COURSE they had a set of the old Christmas movies for $40 and I just had to get it. Help me. My husband begs of you.

And the gingerbread house from Hallmark that lights up and plays music (click play button!):

HA! I just had to do it! Seriously though, our son must play this thing 15 times a day. He tries to carry it everywhere with him...while I follow him around freaking out because I'm thrifty and that thing was $20!!

I can't wait to see more of your favorites! I'll be back this week with more of mine!


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