First off, you need to know I can't get enough of certain things. All year round, you know by now, it's molding of any kind. In the spring and summer, it's landscaping bricks outside. At Christmas-time, it's greenery. My house looks like a pine tree threw up all over it (but in a pretty way) by the time I'm done every season. And every year, I add more. My style is very traditional, and there's nothing that screams traditional more this time of year, then greenery wrapped around EVERYTHING.

So this year, I was quite obsessed with adding white magnolias to our mantel greenery. I don't know why -- I saw it somewhere months ago and fell. in. love. I looked at Joann's, nothing. Hobby Lobby, nada. The Web, zilch. Starting to hyper ventilate that my dream would not come true...I realized I hadn't stopped by Micheal's. The clouds opened up and I found EXACTLY what I wanted there last week, half off. Whooty WHO!

So this is what I created. First of all, you need a few strands of basic greenery. (The more the better!) I usually get mine from Joann's for less than $3 each. For this project, I found greenery at Micheal's for $2 each. Got three, wrapped them together. Then piled on the goodies...

I wrapped the whole thing with two strands of lights, then stuck a lot of this in (also half off):

A little of this (I already had):

And a TON of these...glorious!!:

It turned out exactly the way I wanted. You know when you see something in your mind and it turns out JUST how you imagined? Yep, this was one of those.

Now I need your help -- I usually use my basic candlesticks on the mantel, but found a couple glass candle holders in the basement I thought might work too. What do you think? This? (I'll add green or white sparkly candles):

Or this?:

What do you think? I need advice!

In my humble opinion, there is nothing quite so magical and beautiful then Christmas lights in the dark. The glow transforms the room and my state of mind. I just have to sit back, smile, and relax.

P.S. I don't where to put the stockings now...but we'll deal. Santa will find them anywhere, right? :) Nah, I'll put them up in a couple weeks...for now I enjoy.

P.P.S. I've been teaching my almost two-year-old son for weeks now to say "Ho Ho Ho" when we ask about Santa. Well, it took. All weekend...every time he sees a Santa, he says it. So basically, because I bought him the cauuutest stuffed Santa to tote's all we've heard. For days. The best part is, this boy, the cutest boy in the WORLD, doesn't just say it...he purses his lips and says a very deep and meaningful "Ho Ho Ho!" out of the corner of his mouth. I. could. just. die.


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