Woooeeee, I am modge-podged OUT! I started one project tonight I just couldn't wait to show you and finished one I couldn't wait to show you. :) First, the finished...

I got this vinyl design at Uppercase Living (you saw it here) -- and I got it FREE! I hosted a party, sold quite a bit and got three items for only $14. I was eyeing this one for weeks beforehand, so I had plenty of time to figure out what I was going to do. In the catalog, they put it on a pizza pan. Umm, OK. Cute, but not for me. Instead I got a table top from Lowe's, painted it with my leftover magnetic paint, then spray painted it white.

The magnet is a little itty bitty tree from Hob Lob that I got for about 30 cents. Painted it, put a magnet on the back, there you go.

Added fun ribbon from Micheals and it finished it off perfectly! I even spray painted an easel I already had to make it work better. So really, this whole project cost me less than $13 -- for the table top, ribbon and the tree.

I really, really LOVE this thing. I think it is just plain PRECIOUS. I swear, I should get commission from Uppercase Living for this stuff.

So the modge podge overload (now I have modge podge hand instead of spray paint finger - argh!) came from this project. I cannot remember where I saw it -- tell me if it was YOU or if you've seen it somewhere. Where ever I saw it, she did it for Halloween. I thought I would have to start on Halloween to get this started by December 1, but it is going much faster than I thought it would. **Edited to add that I saw this at Just a Girl -- thanks for reminding me ladies!

I started with a trillion 24 cardboard boxes, painted the sides of the lids, then glued the tops to my scrapbook paper. I was trying to be all thrifty and used wrapping paper at first, which did NOT go well. It is way too thin.

I cut around the lids with an x-acto knife, then on some, added more paper around the container, some I painted. (I heart the painted ones. EASY.) I modge-podged like mad, then added some cute foam stickers and numbers to the top. (You should be able to enlarge this one.)

The other 12 of these will be in green. I'll show you the finished product soon! By the way, your craft kitchen table will look like this:

Pepsi? Check. Remote? Check. Phone? Check. Happy Chick.

Sorry, gotta say it...caauuuuuute!!! But the numbers are a thorn in my side. Has anyone ever tried to find nine chipboard 1's? Impossible. (Well, without buying nine packages...not happening.) So I'm just cutting the letters out with the x-acto knife and that is about to put. me. over. the. edge. Help.

Anyway, I think they are both adorable. When I saw the little containers in blogland, she put magnets on them, but I'm not sure if I will do that yet. I thought it might be fun just to hide them somewhere for every morning for the Bub to find. Ideas? Maybe the elves leave them? Is that a recipe for him freaking out about elves sneaking into the house at night?? Tell me these things, I'm only two years into the Christmas tradition thing. :)

I'm whooped. Off to dream about modge podge scrapbook paper Christmas traditions!


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